The Helicobacter breath test

A helicobacter kilégzési teszt

Magen mit ulcus und helico bacter

Magen mit ulcus und helico bacter

Stomach with ulcer and helicobacter

The urea breath test – UBT is the currently most simple, most painless and the most reliable way to detect any existing infection of Helicobacter pylori, parasitizing in the stomach of the majority of people and being the cause of numerous troubles, complaints and illnesses.


Producing a so-called urease enzyme, which breaks down urea (uric acid), is one of the characteristics of Helicobacter. This is the basis of the breath test: the patient takes a pill with some liquid, where the pill has the isotope-marked urea (uric acid) in a certain bond, and if Helicobacter or the urease enzyme produced by it is present, then it releases the uric acid from it, which then appears in the exhaled breath and one can detect this using an isotope method. Contrary to the blood test which can only detect the antibody indicating that there has been an infection, this test does detect the actually present bacteria as well. It might happen that the infection is already gone (if it has been treated), but the antibody remains present in the body for a long time.


It is very important to do breath the test on an empty stomach and the patient should not take any medicaments reducing the production of the stomach acid (the so-called H2 receptor blockers: Ulceran, Ranitidin, Zantac, Quamatel, etc. and so-called proton pump inhibitors: Losec, Nexium, Pariet, Controloc, Pantoprazol, etc.) for 2 weeks in advance. Antacids (Nilacid, Tisacid, Tumbs, Rennie, Maalox, etc.) may be taken and used to alleviate complaints caused by the hyperacidity up to the examination.


The examination is of course completely painless and lasts for a few minutes and the results can immediately be evaluated.

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