Gastroscopy – The gastroscopic examination


Gasztro6Gastroscopy is done using a gastroscope, which used to be an 1-1.5 cm diameter and more than 100 cm long fiber optic device. Today it is 8-9 mm thin, using a chip (a small camera) to convert the image into electric signals. The image can be viewed on a screen (even by more persons or by the patient as well), thus the examination has become recordable and documentable. In addition to the chip, the instrument also has a lamp, a channel for administering air and water and a channel for sucking out the gastric fluid and any other secretion and for doing the sampling for biopsy or any other procedures.

The examination process

The patient is lying on the left side, slightly bending and pulling the legs towards the abdomen, lowering the head (nodding) as if looking the buttons on the shirt. Before starting the examination, analgesic is spayed onto the rear side of the pharynx, causing a slightly bitter or burning sensation but numbing soon, leaving only a light lump sensation in the throat. Whom it is not enough, we can administer either an intoxicating injection or full anesthetization if necessary. Then the patient is asked to bite down on a bite-protection mouthpiece, then the physician inserts the device, which requires active participation (swallowing) on the patient’s side. (This is by the way the most uncomfortable part of the examination.) The gastroscopy usually takes about 3-10 minutes, depending on how well the areas can be scanned and the amount of the samples (biopsies) to be taken by the physician.


What to do before the examination?

Gasztro7You may have dinner on the day before the examination, but, in case of a morning examination, do not even drink any water and do not smoke in any event. In case of a later, e.g. afternoon examination, do not eat 8 hours before the examination and do not drink anything 4 hours before it! (Thirst can be greatly reduced by rinsing your mouth.)


If you have a cold or a disease of the upper respiratory tract, then inform the physician doing the examination about it and ask for advice if a new appointment is necessary. This is necessary because inserting the gastroscope makes breathing through the mouth more difficult, and if you cannot breath through the nose, then the examination can be even more uncomfortable.



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