Homeopathy is a part of medicine and a holistic healing system having existed for more than 200 years and known and used nowadays all over the world.

Conventional homeopathy can heal both acute and chronic diseases and it can also prevent diseases caused by inherited and congenital tendencies of the body and ultimately heal stubborn and recurring conditions as well.

Homeopathic medicine does not only aim at “maintaining” or eliminating the disease. It aims at the harmony of the body and soul and to restore the optimal functioning of the body.

According to the basic principle of homeopathy, the right medicine for the patient is to be chosen according to the so-called principle of similarity, meaning that the preparation that induces a certain condition in a healthy human would be also capable of healing a similar condition developed by a disease.

Homeopathy is the “Medicine of the “21st century”: a drug treatment working on the level of biophysics and applying information. Homeopathic preparations use the information carried by them to activate the self-healing mechanism of the body that is inhibited and loaded for some reason.

The treatment does not have any side effects if the rules of homeopathy are adhered to, thus it can be safely applied to infants, small children and childbearing women as well.

What is the difference between homeopathy and conventional European medicine?

In addition to acute diseases, homeopathy can also heal chronic diseases and tendencies to diseases. Homeopathy is successful in the healing of diseases regarding which the conventional doctor suggests the patient that “one has to live with it and needs to take drugs until the end of his or her life”. It can successfully treat diseases recurring all the time and originating in constitutional deficiencies (such as recurring inflammations, regular coughing, recurring skin diseases, regular chills, stubborn headache, etc.)


Homeopathy is a holistic therapy

This means that it studies the human in its context and considers both physical and spiritual aspects at the same time. The homeopathic doctor always aims at identifying the constitution of the human asking for help, what (physical, spiritual, lifestyle, etc. effects) has made him or her loose his or her balance and what are the symptoms thereof.


It improves the quality of life and supports personal development

A successful homeopathic treatment can heal the patient and increase the physical and spiritual well-being. A successful homeopathic treatment does not only let the patient feel more free, not only for having got rid of a disease, but fell even more independent both in emotional and personal terms and develop further. It makes the creativity of the patient grow and he or she can successfully tackle problems he or she could not tackle in the past.


It understands the disease differently

The disease has a different meaning for homeopathy than for conventional medicine. All the symptoms and the diagnosis are only an expression of a deeper-lying disorder. Often the patients themselves also know what has made them sick, why they have got sick at that particular time or what is the cause of their complaints. This information is very important and very understandable to homeopathy. Homeopathy regards the symptoms as signs only, which should not be eliminated but noted and precisely monitored. As they will lead to the right preparation which heal the deeper-lying disorder, the essence of the disease and so heal the symptoms as well.


Homeopathy is cheap

Homeopathy improves health and the quality of life on the long run. This means that it can save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on drugs and treatments and provides the person applying homeopathy with benefits that cannot be expressed in financial terms (e.g. higher energy level, better immunity, more balance). The amount of money spent on homeopathic treatments and drugs is therefore low in comparison


Homeopathy is customized.

A very thorough assessment of the patient’s condition is a basic condition for selecting the right homeopathic preparation. The right drug is selected applying a lot of information, knowledge and a lot of thinking. But the patient will get a drug that is the best of many thousand to help in lasting and throughgoing healing.



Anybody can get into a life situation of psychological issues (e.g. anxiety, sleep disorder, long-lasting listlessness, severe grief) or psychosomatic complaints (e.g. chronic headache, back pain, digestive disorders).

Psychotherapy means the healing procedures applying psychological tools.

It can help understand the underlying causes of the complaints, detect those thinking and behavioral particularities that were previously unknown to the patient. The pattern the client has been carrying about his or her relationships changes in the special setting of the therapeutic relationship.

The aim of psychotherapy is personal change. If our inner state changes, then we regard ourselves and the world in a different way and react differently, experience less stress and the quality of our life can improve.

Homeopathy directly aims at the deep-lying inner state that psychotherapy cannot reach.

Both methods uses the own resources of humans to facilitate inner change, but at different levels. Homeopathy does not expound or explain “what is” but observes it in extreme detail and can identify the findings with the pattern of a homeopathic preparation.

Homeopathy can shorten the time of psychotherapy, while psychotherapy can facilitate the changes induced by homeopathy and increase self-awareness.

My experience has demonstrated that the two methods can be perfectly combined and enabled a very efficient healing of my patients struggling with spiritual disorders.

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